It's Party Time!

Now Available On Etsy!

Here are the next couple pieces for my 2009 Halloween Party line. These star wands are made of wood and stained in black and orange ~ feature festive ribbons and a dainty silver bell fastened with copper & yellow colored wires. Witch is hand-stamped and embossed. Measures 7 1/2" long. I have a few available for early purchase, so if you're interested in one just head on over to my ETSY store! If you don't have an Etsy account, you can purchase one by sending me an EMAIL. Produced in an EXTREMELY LIMITED number so get yours before they're gone!


  1. very classy yet super fun.


  2. Thanks so much sweetie!

  3. Michelle9:08 AM

    These are awesome! Love all your stuff!

  4. My friend just referred me to your blog and am I glad she did! Love your art and can't wait to see what's next!

  5. Lauren4:28 PM

    These wands are just too fun! Love 'em!


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