From Out of the Cobwebby Attic

'Twas the Night of Halloween'

Twas the night of Halloween, and all through the castle

Every ghoul was stirring and making a great hassle

The decorations were hung with a devilish flare

To give all the children a terrible scare

The zombies were wakened from their dirt beds

While visions of the horrors swirled 'round their heads

With momma in her witch hat, and I in my sheeting

We were all geared up for a night of trick r treating

When out in the night there arose such a commotion

The witches had gathered to brew their potions

Away to the drawbridge I flew like a bat

And there in the shadows, all alone I sat

The full moon lit up all the sights down below

And added a spookiness with it's eery glow

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

The sights and sounds began to fill me with fear

They danced and they cackled with evil delight

Soon they were joined by other creatures of the night

Mummies and werewolves, Dracula flew in with a crash

One and all gathered, a true monster mash

Frankenstein stumbled over and grabbed hold of my hand

With wobbly legs it was difficult to stand

He bid me to join them and share in the feast

He plunked me down next to a terrible beast

It turned out to be a fun & memorable night

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!

~ written by me when I was a wee child, dated October 1975 (3rd grade)


  1. Brialee, you really wrote this when you were in third grade? I was expecting it to be written by a famous poet or something. My own poetry does not compare and I am in eighth grade. Thank you for sharing. Have a marvelous Hallowe'en.

    -Liza (Purple Raindrops)

  2. Great take on the classic! Weren't you a clever girl!

    Halloween/Samhain blessings to you!

  3. Hehe, yeah....I thought it might have been a bit too corny to post but thank you both for the compliments :)

  4. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Happy Halloween!

  5. This is really really good!

  6. Hope you had a magical Halloween! Your poem is so cool, thanks for sharing.

  7. Dropping by to see how your Halloween was. What an imaginative girl you were!

  8. OH MY! This is wonderful;!!!!!


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