Welcome Haunted Blog Tourists!

I'm honored that MRS. B over at CONFESSIONS OF A PAGAN SOCCER MOM has chosen my blog to be included in her haunted tour! I've been having a ghoulishly delightful time myself meandering around everyone else's blogs and now today the troops will be directed my way!

Welcome one and all!

Tonight is the night I will indulge in the childish delight of carving my jack-o-lantern. I never use the store bought patterns, preferring to carve out the frightening countenance the old-fashioned way. But then again, I'm an old fashioned kinda gal! I'll grab the stack of old newspapers I've been saving up and my trusty ol' butcher knife to set about bringing my gorgeous gourd to life with surgical precision.

Then with the spark and hiss of a match, he'll be illuminated in all his glory! I always stare at the flickering light he casts, mesmerized, feeling the magickal energy whirling about the room. And I can't help feeling that his creepy cute face is staring back at me.

With an almost ceremonial march, I'll escort him to the living room to be placed in the front window where he can gaze out upon the street to keep watch with somber vigilance. For my family, this age-old Halloween ritual marks the beginning of a week filled with them. Traditions, old & new, will be observed each night 'til the grand finale of Halloween itself.

From my family to yours, wishing you a hauntingly bootiful and magickal ALL HALLOW'S EVE!


  1. just stopping by to say Hi from mrs B's blog - have a great holiday!!! Love your blog!!!

  2. Stopping by from Mrs. B's. Oh, I love that description of the Jack O'Lantern process! Happy Halloween to you!

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Sweet! I love that your pumpkin carving is a traditional thing with the appropriate pomp and circumstance :) Mine is haphazard at best...maybe I'll take a leaf from your book!

    Oh, btw, I got here from Mrs. B's, oh, and I LOVE the little guy you've just put on ebay; what an adorable pumpkin head!


  4. Just came from Mrs. B.'s page, and your blog is so cute! We can see you do love this holiday! :o)

    Thanks for the tour!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  5. Good Morning!

    You took me back down memory lane, because my Dad alawys bought a HUGE pumpkin, and would do very elaborate faces. It was never done by the time I had to go to bed, so I could hardly wait to see it in the morning!

    We also kept it inside, looking out into the night. People from blocks around would come to see what my Dad had carved.

    When my kids were little, we used to carve pumpkins too, and this being pre-pattern days, created our own.

    Now, my hubby has discovered the patterns, and faux pumpkins, that we save from year to year, and are getting quite a collection! lol

    Reading your ritual though, brought all of those fond memories flooding over me. I even smelled the scent of fresh pumpkin, and, scorched pumpkin lid! Yes! I even liked that fragrance too! LOL

    So, I'm sending my huge Thanks, along with a Hug, and wishes for a joyous All Hallows Eve!

  6. Woohoo! I love punkin' carvin' time! Though I am allergic, and so must let someone else do the actual carving. I get to do the designs instead!:D

  7. Stopping by to say "hi" from Mrs. B's! I'm following you now, so I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your jack-o-lantern!

  8. Great blog -- I am happy that I found it through Mrs. B. :)

    Greetings from Munich,

  9. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Happy Haunting! We carved our jack o lantern yesterday in the same, old fashioned way. I love the wee ghosties in your photo too!



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