Happy Birthday Mr. Karloff!

We send our love to you wherever you are! Pierre Fournier over at FRANKENSTEINIA is hosting a blogathon celebrating the phenomenal life and multi-faceted career of this amazing soul starting today and lasting through the 29th! It kicks off with a personal message from Mr. Karloff’s daughter, Sara and over 100 blogs will be delving into the life and accomplishments that have left a lasting impression on so many and will continue to do so for generations to come! This is a week not to miss!


Fun Facts:

His paternal grandmother was Eliza Julia Pratt, a sister of Anna Leonowens, whose tales about life in the royal court of Siam (now Thailand) were the basis of the musical THE KING and I.

Beginning in 1940, Karloff dressed up as SANTA CLAUS every Christmas to hand out presents to physically disabled children in a Baltimore hospital.

His voice was the basis for future TONY the TIGER commercials by Kellogg's.

He was the original inspiration for the first illustrations of the INCREDIBLE HULK.

He once did a television commercial for A-1 Steak Sauce.

He married six times but only had one child, a daughter, SARA.

He was one of the founding members of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD.


Anecdotes From A Day In the Life:

During the production of FRANKENSTEIN (1931) there was some concern that seven-year-old MARILYN HARRIS, who played Maria, the little girl thrown into the lake by the creature, would be overly frightened by the sight of Karloff in costume and make-up when it came time to shoot the scene. When the cast was assembled to travel to the location, Marilyn ran from her car directly up to Karloff, who was in full make-up and costume, took his hand and asked "May I drive with you?" Delighted, and in typical Karloff fashion, he responded, "Would you, darling?" She then rode to the location with "The Monster."

He raised rare Bedlington Terriers while he lived in Brentwood, CA. One day he was walking them with his four-year-old when they broke free and ran up to an inebriated man stumbling down the street. The drunk begged Karloff for a ride to the hospital, claiming he "just saw three sheep bark!" Karloff obliged.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've always been a fan of the old monster movies but knew nothing about this man. Very informative and had fun blog hopping!

  2. Hi Rae:
    Love all the information. I love Boris Karloff too.
    How cool that her birthday and her Dad's are the same day.
    Thank you for giving us this post.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. I forget how young i was now when i saw my first horror movie on tv. Lets just say we only had a black & white set, but the movie was black & white anyway lol. Yes, oh yes it was Frankenstein featuring Karloff of course lol. I instantly knew the monster & the actor playing him would be amongst my all time favourites. It was always a pleasure seeing Karloff in other roles too of course but i remember i always tried to make sure i saw every re-run of his Frankenstein movies His best character role i feel. What an awesome flash back i had forgotten thankyou for the fond memories i can revisit lol.


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