Symbols of Halloween

The Bat
The bat is one of my favorite Halloween symbols. 

It's long-time association with the darker side of folklore and superstition no doubt has much to do with its habits of nocturnal flight and roosting in places such as caves and old, ghostly ruins.  Not to mention the fact that this is a furry li'l mouse with razor-sharp teeth! 

There are many superstitions attached to this creature.  A bat that flies thrice around a house, crashes into a windowpane, or flies inside of a house is supposed to be an omen of death for one of the occupants.  If a bat shows up inside a church during a wedding ceremony, it is an omen that the marriage is surely doomed.  Bats have been used to forecast weather and in some cultures it was once believed that bats were actually witches in disguise!  If a bat was seen flying straight up in to the sky and then dropping back to Earth, this was a sign that the witching hour had arrived.

Luckily for the bat, just as it has sinister associations in many parts of the world, there are other places that regard the bat as a good omen.  In Poland and China, the bat symbolizes happiness and longevity.  They are greatly respected by the Australian aborigines, who dare not harm or kill a bat in the belief that doing so takes years off one's life.  In some cultures, the bat is regarded as a symbol of protection & rebirth and bringer of good luck.

I, for one, don't see these misunderstood creatures as menacing maniacs in the least.  To me, they are awe-inspiring, even magical.  I enjoy the aerial antics of these tiny dancers and I sport an outdoor bat house during the season these li'l guys return to my area.  I've had occupants in the Bats Motel every summer.  You should see the looks that sometimes gets....hehe.

What's your favorite Halloween symbol?  Is it the witch, skeleton, pumpkin, black cat, owl, or something else?  
** facts paraphrased from The Pagan Book of Halloween by Gerina Dunwich


  1. All things told, I gotta love pumpkins. For me, they're perfect- because I'm horribly allergic to the things, and they're everywhere! Eeeee! Scary!

  2. Not sure I have a favorite Halloween symbol. They're all wonderful! But I think the Bat is the most misunderstood of them.
    Bats are such wondrous creatures of the night. The amount of insects that one Bat can consume in an evening is amazing! We have a Bat colony that lives close by and we enjoy their company on Summer nights.

  3. I'd have to say Witch not just at Halloween! Baahhhhaa! Cackle, Cackle!

  4. It's so cool that you have an outdoor bat house! Bats are so misunderstood. However, my favorite Halloween symbol has to be the black cat.


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