There Should Be A Warning

The outside of the crate should've warned me of the impending scare, or at the very least provided a small packet containing a heart pill 'cuz this is what I encountered when I flung open both sides of the box simultaneously in my childlike excitement! I've been wanting to add this animated prop, called Bernard the Butler (from Grandin Road), to my haunt this year mainly because he quotes 'The Raven' and the li'l black bird on his shoulder also squawks 'Nevermore'.....being the Poe nutter that I am, I couldn't resist! He's actually not scary at all, not really sure why he gave me such a start. It's just

that face

is so



  1. I love the butler. He does look life-like and will make an awesome prop. Love that he quotes The Raven.

  2. Hey LuLu! That's my line... but LuLu is right. That is great!

  3. So neat! I recived my goblets saturday.Thank you so much!~Amy

  4. Wow, this guy looks awesome!


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