Wicked Wednesday Unveiling VIII

There's only 12 days left 'til Halloween and all the preparations are finally finished except for the pumpkin carving, which will be done this weekend (I have 9 pumpkins to sacrifice!). This is the last creepy creation being offered before the big day, as I'm going out of town to spend some time with my daughter engaging in some frightfully fun festivities in her area.

This week's offering is a creepy cool Unwelcome sign to warn all those who visit your haunt this season! Features etched-in wording and 'cracks' as well as a skull cabachon and 2 gargoyles! I painted the entire piece to give it the look of stone and provided hardware on back for easy hanging. Measures an impressive 30" across!



  1. This is incredibly awesome!!!

  2. That is amazingly cool! I am so impressed.

  3. I am totally loving this!


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