Right Up My Darkened Alley!

When Laura Schwarz from P3R contacted me to review a new line of Goth tattoos by Tinsley Transfers, I didn't hesitate to reply with an emphatic YES!! 

I received 5 in total, among which were the image above, "Mr. Midnight" (reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands), "The Doctor" (head shot of a plague doctor....swoon), and "The Raven".  There was also a beautiful gothic madam complete with parasol & swarming ravens overhead, called "The Birds" and another head shot, this time of a gothic lady with a nesting raven atop her upswept 'do!

We tested these babies out during our bi-monthly 'girls' night', each applying to a different area of the body.  They transferred easily & beautifully!!  Mine lasted for 2 weeks, and I only then had to remove it due to a blasted doctor's appointment.  The amazing imagery matched with the durability make these a must-have for all those who love the creepy, the gothic, and the works of Hitchcock, Tim Burton, etc.   

Tinsley Transfers are a line of temporary tattoos created by Christien Tinsley, who is the mastermind behind the "American Horror Story" characters, and is a three time Emmy nominee.  To see more of his amazing images & what's available for purchase, go to

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