Until Further Notice.
I will be back but it will be quite some time yet.
Thank you to all for hanging in there!
Your continued support helps uplift me
and fuels the fire to fight on.

Happy New Year!

Here's on to a new year filled with
the hopes of better things to come!
May you be blessed with love, laughter and looniness!

Let the Feasting Begin!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's Here!!!

Popping in to wish you all a magical HALLOWEEN!

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Right Up My Darkened Alley!

When Laura Schwarz from P3R contacted me to review a new line of Goth tattoos by Tinsley Transfers, I didn't hesitate to reply with an emphatic YES!! 

I received 5 in total, among which were the image above, "Mr. Midnight" (reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands), "The Doctor" (head shot of a plague doctor....swoon), and "The Raven".  There was also a beautiful gothic madam complete with parasol & swarming ravens overhead, called "The Birds" and another head shot, this time of a gothic lady with a nesting raven atop her upswept 'do!

We tested these babies out during our bi-monthly 'girls' night', each applying to a different area of the body.  They transferred easily & beautifully!!  Mine lasted for 2 weeks, and I only then had to remove it due to a blasted doctor's appointment.  The amazing imagery matched with the durability make these a must-have for all those who love the creepy, the gothic, and the works of Hitchcock, Tim Burton, etc.   

Tinsley Transfers are a line of temporary tattoos created by Christien Tinsley, who is the mastermind behind the "American Horror Story" characters, and is a three time Emmy nominee.  To see more of his amazing images & what's available for purchase, go to

May I Introduce To You...LolaLu!

~ SOLD ~
This little sweetie is now available on Etsy!

On the Mend

Diagnoses have been made.
After a 5-day hospital stay,
I am home and getting stronger every day.
I've made changes where I can
and have accepted what I can't change.
I am bound and determined
to return to the studio within the month
and that uplifts my spirits
more than any herbal remedy could ever do!!
photo courtesy of The Invisible Man 1933

Medical Mystery

I've been struggling with whether or not I should make this post. This blog is mainly about the latest on my artistic output. I prefer to keep the negative at bay. But in my long absence I feel it only fair to let my followers know just what's been going on with me.

I am not well. I've been battling with an illness that so far has the doctors stumped. Life has been dominated by countless doctors' appointments and tests. I have little energy and am in great pain most of the day. It keeps me away from the things I love most. It keeps me away from my passion of creating. I haven't stepped foot in the studio in months.

So I will try to attempt at finishing something new when I can, but if things continue this way, my offerings this year will be precious few. I only hope that isn't the case.

Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to follow and support me, it means so very much to me! Be well.

The Munsters

NBC plans to redo The Munsters.

It'll be a drama, not a comedy like the 1960's series I absolutely adored growing up. Not sure how I feel about this; I really don't think they can outdo the original. But, I will of course be watching, for better or for worse.

I have to admit, I'm on the edge of my sofa cushion when anything with a paranormal/occult/hell-anything-spookyish theme premieres on the tube. Comfy lounge pants - check. Bowl of snackage - check. Wide-eyed, gleeful anticipation - check.

Please NBC, just do this sacred monstrous sitcom justice.