There's A Foulness In the Air

Finally finished up my batch of Hob Dumplins and there's some mighty shady characters, I can tell you! They'll be exclusively offered at the Salem bazaar this year, as there are an extremely limited number. So if you happen to be one of the unlucky, er, lucky ones to snatch one of these little buggers up ~ be forewarned........these dumplin's just may eat you!!


  1. Awh, lucky bazaaratrons! I bet you sell right out!:D

  2. He's so cute you just want to gobble that dumplin up! :) Becca

  3. MaryAnn1:48 PM

    This is the cutest little creepie I've ever seen! Always love the stuff you post!

  4. Holy freaking crap that is cute!!


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