The Crunch Is On!!

I'm finally back home to stay now (well, 'til next summer anyway). I thoroughly enjoyed being a roaming gypsy for the past couple months, as I have an incurable case of wanderlust, but now it's time to get down to some serious business! Countless spooky faces and unfinished works have been screaming out to me from my studio. Gotta get things finished up in the next couple weeks before all the little ghoulies and beasties uprise into a coup d'etat!! (perhaps a bit of magic would be called for about now) Then it's time to start packing and make final arrangements for my exodus to SALEM!


  1. Cute n creepy pumpkin!! Love it!

  2. He (your pumpkin)made me smile. I've been to Salem and actually had a small supernatural experience happen. I was walking by a house with my friend and out of the blue one of the windows shattered. We looked all around and did not see a soul, no one to throw a rock or anyone in the house that we could see. It was kind of fun!


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