Fireflies and Lullabies

Been spending oodles of hours with RAEDYN, who's 22 months now and full of wonderment, and I'm in heaven just savoring every magical moment with her. Her curiosity is endless in wanting to know the whys and wherefores of the world - how a firefly glows, why the moon is orange as it peeks up over the pines, how a chipmunk holds sooooo much in his cheeks. She's a downright li'l chatterbox and has me giggling with her silly antics and clever observations like I'm a wee child myself. She counts everything (all the way up to 20 now!) and sings her ABC's to near perfection. There's nary a color in the crayon box that she doesn't know and Grover is her favorite Sesame Street character. If I'm not working away in my studio, she's probably the reason why. And a good one at that!


  1. Aw, sounds like you are having a wonderful summer with her and she sounds like she's quite a smart little girl!! All my best, Victoria

  2. This is so sweet......and I LOVE that angel picture, where'd you get it??

  3. You two sound like you have a very sacred relationship. She's very fortunate to have you as her nana!!


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