A Little Divination Anyone?

During the Victorian era, spiritualism was all the rage.  There were mediums, seances and fortune telling a-plenty.  Children, and even some young adults, were forbidden from taking part in such serious matters so they would often secret away to do some simple divination of their own.  Perhaps this Halloween you may want to delve into what the year ahead holds in store for you! 

Apple Seed Fortune Telling
Carefully cut an apple open and sort out the seeds. 
Count how many and see what your fortune will be!

2   seeds predict good luck
3   bad luck - uh oh
4   wealth
5   an early marriage
6   fame
7   predict a great surprise in the near future! 


  1. What a fun read! I had never heard of this.
    Thanx! :0)

  2. Fascinating lore - thanks for sharing! Theresa

  3. Ooo, gotta try this one! Thanks for sharing it!


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