Oh, Woe Is Me

The last of the Halloween decorations have been packed away & are ready to be brought down to the dungeon. Now is when the foul funk sets in. The winter doldrums will soon have me firmly within its clutches - oh the impending doom of what the season brings...the cold...the constant grayness...the lack of life...the nothingness.

Yeah old man winter, that's what you are to me.

* raspberries to you sir, long, noisy, wet raspberries! *


  1. Indeed! Raspberries to the winter!!

  2. Awwww.... take heart... the wheel of time never stops turning and each day brings you closer to your favorite time of year again.

  3. I know how you feel, but fear not! I am planning on joining in a lot of other bloggers for Creepmas! ;)

    Wish I had labeled my totes.... there were over 70 of them.

  4. Love your sense of humor :)

  5. Aww, I know what you mean! I'm sure you'll have a month of Autumn beauty left, though. Or is it snowing up north?

    I love the witch clock in your photo! Good job with organizing and labeling too. You've inspired me to label some boxes!

  6. You said it perfectly! Not a fan of cold or winter.

  7. Creepmas! Now there's a grand idea.

    Why not make ooky-spooky Christmas decorations too? I think it would be a fine alternative to all the happy and twinkling decor found at department stores.

  8. join ussss for Creepmas 2011
    details on my blog:)


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