Master of Multitasking

I've been sneeking fleeting moments of creating in between gardening & basking in the sun, graduation festivities & parties, and shabby chic household projects that would make MARTHA STEWART proud. And of course there's always the welcomed swarm of family & friends that come to spend Kodak moments on the weekends. In the midst of the craziness that is my life, I've actually managed to finish the last of my 2010 HALLOWEEN PARTY LINE line, which includes such seasonal favorites as noisemakers & domroo drums, treat buckets & trinket boxes, and party hats & candy cones. Every year is a different style to keep 'em guessing in ghoulish anticipation. It's really got me in the HALLOWEEN hoopla frame of mind - but then again, when am I not??!
I wonder if anyone's up to dressing in costume for the MEMORIAL DAY cookout.......hehe, maybe not.


  1. Do you ever sleep woman?? lol

  2. I bet its never a dull moment in your house! lol

  3. I sure hope you'll be offering some of these goodies online, I'd love to get some!

  4. Oh your party lines are too cool!!!!!!!

  5. You certainly have been busy!!! Your Lil Rae of sunshine is adorable!!!
    I thought all of this time I was a follower on your etsy shop; I just now became one.
    I like the idea of a bat house with the birds in the same neighborhood. How cool.
    I have not been around for awhile so come and say hi if you ever have a free moment : )


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